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Let us help remove the complexity, jargon, and stress associated with financial planning and investment management. We are strong believers in the concept of keeping-it-simple, an approach that usually outperforms overly complex and costly solutions.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston

Welcome to Hamilton Financial Planning!

Investment Management in Austin, Houston, and Charleston

We designed this firm with you in mind, to help you achieve your financial goals in a process that is direct, transparent, modern and affordable. We provide one-on-one personal service to truly understand your ideas, concerns, and plans. We then build a custom plan to achieve your goals for savings, retirement, college, investments and gifting strategies.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston


You appreciate a direct, honest, no-nonsense, professional manner with your team, so do we.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston


Our processes, pricing and procedures are clear.


Our pricing structure is affordable and fair.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston


We are virtual, paperless and mobile, maximizing effectiveness.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston


Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston

Financial planning

  • We offer you an all-inclusive financial planning model with unlimited opportunities for financial and investment planning, modeling, discussions, and reviews.
  • The modeling is real-time; we work with you to build a realistic model of your future and test various scenarios for success.
  • Our advisement is comprehensive, covering retirement planning, college saving, tax strategies, and legal and insurance reviews.
  • Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve your financial dreams.
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Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston

Investment Management

  • We offer full-service investment management assistance that handles every aspect of your financial needs. This includes account opening, rebalancing to reviews, and performance discussions.
  • We recommend Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which are very high quality and moderately priced mutual funds.
  • DFA focuses on academic analysis, not the latest fads to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • We help you leverage behavior finance theories to maximize your long-term returns. We also leverage the latest research for tax alpha and other strategies to help you reach your goals.
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Ideal Client

Austin and Houston based financial advisor, Hamilton Financial Planning will work with anyone, regardless of assets, income or employment. We tend to align better with pre-retirees or retirees as our services usually line up much closer in terms of your needs.


  • If you prefer to manage you own portfolio, we will provide you with an recommendation and you can then implement and manage.
  • This will be a broadly diversified, low-cost portfolio that ties closes to your risk tolerance and risk need.
  • You will be responsible for selecting the custodian, trades, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, tax-alpha. But you will have maximum control.
Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston


  • If you prefer to not manage you own portfolio, then we will handle all tasks associated with your portfolio.
  • This includes account opening, transfers, we will manage rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting and tax alpha.
  • Investment Management fees will be deducted from your account quarterly based on your assets.

Our Beliefs

Help our clients achieve their financial goals, providing a world-class customer experience at fair prices.

Our Values

Financial advice should be available to everyone, with no minimum asset requirements, and advisors should provide a direct and transparent process, leveraging technology to continually reduce costs by scaling and increasing efficiency.

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