About Hamilton Financial Planning, llc

We are a fee-only financial planner based in Austin & Houston, specializing in providing professional financial advice to individuals and families from all walks of life.

We set no minimum net worth, income level or investable asset level requirements in order to accept prospective clients.

HFP's compensation is fee-only based solely on hourly fees. We don't accept commissions, referral fees or any other third-party compensation, thus assuring clients that financial advice is delivered solely with their best interests in mind.

Our approach is therefore unlike that of many financial planners, who accept commissions that may result in higher-cost products and diluted performance returns. HFP considers the fees inherent with various financial products before making recommendations, with a focus on recommending those with very low fee structures.

We have no affiliations with banks, brokerage firms or insurance companies. As a result, our research and analysis are not confined to a limited scope of options.

About Scott Hamilton, CFP ® MBA

Fee-only Financial Planner Austin & Houston

Scott started his practice at "Hamilton Financial Planning" to help people achieve their financial dreams.

He earned his Bachelor of Business degree in Finance from Texas State University, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, specializing in International Finance, from Pepperdine.

Scott is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. He has earned this title by passing a two-day test and completing multi-year work experience requirements in addition to regular ethics training.

Mission Statement

  • Help people achieve their financial goals while providing world-class Customer Experience at Ultra-Low Costs.

Vision Statement

  • Make Financial Advice available for everyone. No minimum asset requirements - provided in a Direct and Transparent process, leveraging technology to continually reduce costs by scaling and becoming more efficient.

Fee-only Financial Planner in Austin & Houston, specializing in

  • Real time planning
  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Asset allocation
  • Cash flow / Withdrawal planning
  • Investment Management – primarily with Dimensional Funds Advisors(DFA)

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