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Scott Hamilton, CFP ®, is a Fee-Only financial planner with offices in Austin, Houston, and Harlingen, TX. Hamilton Financial Planning specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. Scott Hamilton is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. Scott Hamilton, CFP ® based in Austin and Houston, specializes in Fee-Only Retirement Planning, College Planning, Investment Planning, Real Time planning and Budgeting.

We believe DFA funds will improve your investment results because of our:-

  • Research-based foundation. DFA was founded 30 years ago with goal of providing long-term value to our clients by increasing real returns
  • History of "Dimension" of success in real-world investments. DFA has identified a few, select dimensions of success that over the decades have brought greater value to the investor in terms of higher returns with less risk
  • Low Cost. DFA funds are in the lowest decile of mutual fund costs, and advisors always strive to keep costs low. One way cost is curbed is through the elimination of "star" fund managers with their associated high salaries. DFA has a repeatable, global process rather than individual star managers
  • Smart Indexing. DFA avoids fads and focuses on the long-term "Dimensions" of success. This produces a Smart Index that is not blindly tied to an index, and DFA allows drift and timing as needed. Truly smart!

We strive to keep our costs low so we can pass the savings on to our clients.

  • Our Mission Statement is to help client achieve their financial goals while providing world-class Customer Experience at Ultra-Low Costs. Our cost structure reflects our mission statement. As you will see, our costs are very reasonable compared to industry standards.Because our business model is "fee-only," there are no loads, commissions or kickbacks.
  • Our Asset Management fees are a simple, easy to understand flat rate. Period.
  • Operating Expense Ratio of the Funds at DFA is very low by industry standards (lowest decile). Typically these funds range from .25% to .48%.
  • Custodian Cost for Transactions varies, but is generally low usually $20 - $40 per trade, depending on the amount traded.

Fee-Only financial planners are paid only by their clients. They never receive commissions, sales incentives, bonuses or special perks paid by financial service entities for selling their products. Hamilton Financial Planning, LLC, is a true Fee-Only financial planning firm.sss

You can be confident in the knowledge that we only provide recommendations that are in your best interest, and will never "sell you something" in order to be paid for providing advice.

Services are offered on a fee-only basis. This means you pay a clear fee for the services provided, and we do not accept commissions or third-party compensation. When we recommend a financial product or refer you to another professional service, we receive no compensation except the fee paid, regardless of whether or not you follow the recommendations.

Credit Card or Check.

Any individual, couple or family seeking financial advice can benefit from our services. As a member of the Garrett Planning Network, we have taken a pledge to offer our services to all individuals, regardless of their income or assets. We welcome clients who simply want a one-time financial review or are interested in a second opinion before making a major financial decision. Equally welcome are those persons who are seeking ongoing financial coaching and plan monitoring over the long-term.

Hamilton Financial Planning, LLC, offers a different value proposition than is typically available through financial brokerage firms. Some of those differences include:

Fiduciary Responsibility. Independent-, Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) have a fiduciary obligation to put their clients' needs first all the times. In contrast, advisors employed at brokerage firms are held to a lower "suitability standard" (which is not a legal standard), under which a broker is supposed to recommend suitable investments. However, such brokerage firm advisors do not necessarily have to put a client's needs ahead of the firm's needs.

Fee Structure. Hamilton Financial Planning, LLC, relies exclusively on a fee-only model. The firm does not receive commissions or fees from any source other than its clients. In contrast, many brokers are paid via commissions. They have a strong incentive to invest you in products that carry high commissions or loads, which may or may not be attractive investments.

Obligation to Disclose. Unlike brokers, Investment Advisor Representatives are also subject to strict disclosure rules requiring that they provide clients with Form ADV, which lists potential conflicts of interest, as well as compensation practices.

Independence. We do not have any financial relationships with any brokerage firms or money managers. We are therefore not obligated or compensated to favor or-, push-, any firm's proprietary investment products.

Yes! At Hamilton Financial Planning, we work hard to make the investment process as easy as possible for you. In addition to receiving professional advice on your most important financial concerns, we can also provide implementation and ongoing tune-ups,need.

At Hamilton Financial Planning, LLC, our relationship with our clients is our most important asset. We strive to earn and maintain your trust and confidence, essential aspects of which are our commitments to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your personal information.We value client privacy,and so we do not disclose any personal information to anyone unless it is required by law, or at our clients' direction. Most importantly, we do not sell our clients' personal information to anyone. For more information on our privacy policy, please review our Privacy Statement.

Keeping costs low and being tax efficient are the key factor in meeting your long-term objectives.Please see the attached visual that demonstrates the importance of managing these costs to your future.
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Call us at (512) 261-0808, or e-mail to schedule an introductory meeting. We offer a no-fee, no obligation "Get Acquainted" meeting, either in-person or over the phone.

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