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Hamilton Financial Planning is a leading Financial Planner in Austin and Houston. Our primary objective is to build a realistic financial plan based on your specific concerns, goals, and vision. Our real-time process is interactive and leverages technology to keep costs low while providing clients with a wealth of services and information. The first step is to build your complete Net Worth account (all assets, liabilities and income streams). Next, we focus on the hardest part defining your goals and converting them into actual expenses. Finally, we begin the planning process, considering options and implementing various techniques to develop a successful strategy.

A successful plan requires that your goals are met, while still leaving enough assets to cover longevity. To craft this custom plan, we run multiple stress tests (Monte Carlo simulation), which varies the market return thousands of times for each year of your plan, giving us a "probability of success measure." This gives us a base plan, and we can then begin saving some of the reports of your Vault for you to review, discuss and adjust. This is the iterative process. Only once we have a stabilized plan do we move to address investments.

In the end, you will have a stable financial plan based on your defined goals. You will also have an investment plan provided (Rock Bottom Portfolio) with action steps for you to implement. The process is interactive, virtual and all-inclusive. Included in the Retainer Model is unlimited access to your Virtual Planner for questions, modeling, discussions, re-spins, changes, updates, and more!


Retainer Model

Setup fee:$895
and monthly Retainer:$125

Hourly Rate

$200 / Hour (limited to families of fallen warriors)

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