High Earners, Little Savings


If you fall into the designation of “high earner with little savings and definitely not feeling rich yet”, you fall into the designation of a HENRY. That’s the acronym for “High Earners, Not Rich Yet” and was originally used to designate the younger upwardly mobile generation - but has expanded over the past decade to include all ages who find themselves in this predicament. In other words, this category is no longer synonymous with Millenniums.


What Determines if You Are a HENRY?

Your income is above average, usually falling into the $100k to $200k bracket

You have little to no savings

You are constantly scrambling to keep current on financial obligations

Why this Group Increased So Radically?

What has caused the proliferation of individuals and families finding themselves in this bind? The answer is multifaceted, some of which you have control over and some not. However, with professional financial guidance and a bit of effort, your financial future can be turned around.

Common causes leading to the conundrum of being a HENRY:

Education loans and repayment structure
Lack of budgeting expertise
Inability to stick to a budget, especially in the face of unexpected bills
Escalating taxes coupled with being part of the highest tax bracket segment of the population

At Hamilton Financial Planning, we know every situation is unique and finding the optimum solutions is best achieved by working closely with a financial advisor who has proven knowledge, a healthy dose of understanding and empathy, and who will help you create a plan that is attainable and transformative within a reasonable amount of time. Nothing is more effective than seeing that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and knowing you are moving toward it.


We work with you to create a budget that is both livable and effective. This involves cash management with budgeting geared toward both paying off college debt and savings accumulation. In other words, Financial Planning.


We investigate the best options to restructure debt consolidation – particularly as it relates to student your loans. Our goal is to facilitate your ability to pay off your debts as quickly as possible. The money you save on interest alone will go a long way to building your savings.


Concurrently, we formulate and implement Investment Management strategies geared toward long-term growth and your financial well-being and health. Your salary of $100k-$200k allows you to do more than you realized … once you are more or less debt free.

If you want greater wealth and security and are ready to leave your Henry designation behind — we’re here to help. Our approach is one based on the formation of a long-term partnership with each client.

At Hamilton Financial Planning, Immediate help, without a long-term flexible plan that adapts to your needs and goals along the way, is neither efficient nor effective in the long-term. Our role is to guide you, to support you, and to help you build wealth from the day you first become a client. And we will do it without charging you exorbitant fees.

Hamilton Financial Planning, with offices in Austin and Houston, TX and Charleston, SC, is Fee-Only; which means you know in advance what your quarterly bill will be. We never charge a commission or sell you products so there are no hidden costs to surprise you. Every penny you earn from your investments made through Hamilton Financial Planning goes directly to you.

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