You might be annually earning $80k up to $400k plus – but the financial and lifestyle questions you face are basically the same. The primary long-term costs for individuals are listed below and proper planning and decisions require the advice and guidance from a Financial fiduciary Advisor. Achieving these goals also requires Investment Management from your Financial Advisor. That’s what Hamilton Financial Planning does.


Getting Out of Debt

Clearing up outstanding debts should be your first priority. For most people under the age of 35 years of age this entails the following:

Paying Off Student Loans

Paying off Credit Card debts

Paying off your car loan

Is Home Ownership is Right for You?

The decision to buy a home is most likely the biggest financial commitment you will ever make. Purchasing a home, townhome, or condo should not be a spur of the moment decision; rather it should be a calculated financial decision designed to improve your net worth and enhance your comfort level.

Things to consider:

Type of home – view this from a five year perspective before deciding
  • Do you want a home that is large enough to allow for a family if and when you are faced with that decision?
  • Would a downtown condo better suit your lifestyle preferences and needs?
Are you really ready to acquire a mortgage or would renting for a year or two be a wiser financial move?
Do you consider buying a home now to be the stepping stone to owning a different home in the foreseeable future?
What type of mortgage makes the most sense and offers you the best rates?
Does it make sense for you to pay off the mortgage ahead of time?
Are there penalties for doing so?
Have you included home maintenance costs in your budget?
Do you have savings that will allow you to make a 20% cash deposit on the home?
  • This is not your “emergency fund” so plan and save accordingly.
Do the tax advantages to homeownership more than compensate for acquiring the debt structure?

Managing and Maintaining Health Care, Including Dental and Vision Coverage

We know proper healthcare is the ‘goblin in the room’ as it is a contentious issue based more on political parties than on what best serves the greatest number of people at the lowest prices - but it is a fact of live that every individual must plan for. Since medical coverage can be amended on a yearly basis this allows for some flexibility and that is a plus.

Things to consider:

Does your employment offer adequate coverage?
Would supplemental policies make financial sense?
  • What kinds?
  • Are the premiums affordable? Can your budget be adjusted to make them so?

Transportation costs

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a city with ample and reliable public transportation -San Francisco, Boston, and Manhattan are the ones that come to mind – you need a vehicle.

Things to consider:

Does it make more financial sense to own or lease your car?

What are Your Long Range Goals?

This varies for everyone but certain parameters exist. Is saving for travel more important to you than planning for retirement? Is home ownership your one overriding desire and intent? This is where HFP’s financial modeling enters the picture. We explain the positives and negatives of each scenario and back it up with hard facts. Once you decide on your priorities, we compile a flexible action plan to get you to what is no longer an elusive goal.

How Hamilton Financial Planning Can Help You

Answers to all the above questions are contingent on an individual’s needs, income, and obligations. No one answer fits all. Helping you find the best solutions for today and tomorrow is where Hamilton Financial Planning comes into the scheme of things.

We understand your goals and obligations because we take the time to know you. While everyone has similar general parameters of needs, finding the optimum solutions is completely individual-centric. This is why Hamilton Financial Planning has a three-pronged approach. Financial Planning (including establishing a workable budget for today), Investment Management, and Wealth Building and Management. All three are inter-related and each relies on the other to work effectively.

Our process provides a structured fiduciary approach which allows for careful customization as your unique needs and situations dictate. Once your personal Financial Plan and customized Investment Management Plan are in place, the natural segue is to creation of Wealth.

Hamilton Financial Planning, with offices in Austin and Houston, TX and Charleston, SC, is Fee-Only; this means you know in advance what your quarterly bill will be. We never charge a commission or sell you products so there are no hidden costs to surprise you. Every penny you earn from your investments made through Hamilton Financial Planning goes directly to you and bringing your goals and dreams closer to reality.

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