Investment Management Made Simple


Let us remove the stress, emotion, and uncertainty from your Investment Management and replace with a calm, cool, and collected reasoning based on your personal financial plan. We will create a PLAN, and then ADJUST as necessary, so you can RELAX and enjoy your life. Our core competencies are Financial Planning (having personally built over 200+ Plans) and Investment Management ( 20+ years relevant experience.)

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We are independent, Fee-Only and are strong believers in long-term investing - not short-term speculations. We like to build a financial plan first and then implement an investment strategy to match.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston

Dimensional Funds (DFA) is known as industry leader, but we are not exclusive to DFA. We just strongly recommend DFA as our investment vehicle. DFA funds are all no load, low cost, and very high quality.

Financial Advisor Austin, Financial Advisor Houston
Our objectives are to provide you with appropriate investments to allow you to reach your financial goals balanced with your risk tolerance and capacity. You will have a custom investment plan based on your personal Financial plan. We value trust and long-term personal relationship. Together we can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Features and Fees

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All Investment Management clients get access to full financial planning. This is needed to be able to understand your needs, goals, plans, and concerns. In addition, we will include annual rebalancing, regular portfolio monitoring, and high-end customer service.

HFP will hold your assets at TD Ameritrade and have limited trading authority on your behalf.

What to expect

  • All clients can expect to have a custom financial plan designed and modeled, updated as conditions change.
  • Each client will have a personal, custom portfolio designed with their financial plan as the basis.
  • Annually, clients financial plan will be reviewed, updated and the investments strategy will change as needed based on the financial plan.  We will strive to keep all market timing, interest rate predictions and economic cycles forecasts impact on your plan to an absolute minimum as we are firm believers in long-term investing -- not short-term trading.

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