What to Expect

The following steps help explain the financial planning process that we follow to help you achieve your financial goals.

Get Acquainted Meeting

This face-to-face meeting is designed to set the stage and gather pass key information for the development of a detailed financial plan that helps you achieve your financial goals. The meeting is usually less than one hour in length.

The next step is to complete the required paperwork and legal requirements. This includes the ADV Brochure, online contract, and online payment process.

Financial Data

At this stage, we work with you to define, collect and input all key financial data necessary to build your retirement plan. Part of this process is automated, and part is manual. The end result is an accurate financial picture of your current situation. Please complete the Confidential Questionnaire and load to your Vault.


Defining your financial goals can be much more challenging than merely collecting factual data.That's why we devote a great deal of time to helping you define, refine, and update your goals.


The work-sessions are online screen-sharing sessions designed to allow us to work together to review facts, goals, plans, questions, or concerns. Click here to schedule a Work Session.
We can schedule your Work Sessions at any_time, and hold them as frequently as needed.
Your Financial Plan (Retirement Plan) is a living process and will be updated continuously as conditions change.
The above is a tested process to help you manage your financial future. We develop a plan:- and adjust as necessary so you can rest assured, knowing your financial future is well planned.

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