You’ve been planning for it; the day you can retire and begin the next phase of your life.

Retirement always seemed so far in the future - and now, it’s upon you. Will those dreams of travel or sailing, taking up pottery, learning to fly a biplane, or building a home on a nearly deserted island be feasible now that you finally have the time? You need a retirement financial advisor highly skilled and attuned to your specific needs.

You’ve saved, invested and built up a portfolio of assets, perhaps including incentive stock options that need to be addressed now. In fact, retirement might be the first time you’ll ever be faced with the need to manage cash and budgeting with the new dictum – don’t over-save.

That’s right – the new caveat in retiree’s lives is one of the three most important financial steps you can take to ensure retirement is all you ever dreamed of.

Your cash management and budgeting need to be one of not under-spending or over-saving. This is far more than telling you to enjoy the fruits of your career; it is sound financial advice. If you have not shared your retirement bucket list with your financial planner – it’s time to. In a very real sense, retirement means relearning it is okay, in fact, it’s beneficial, to do things just for you.

Realign your investment optimizations, risk and long-term growth requirements with your new financial, mental, and emotional reality. This is the positive side of Behavioral Planning, a combination of behavioral and cognitive psychological theory with conventional economics and finance. It takes a bit of time to adjust … but it is so worth it! It isn’t that you won’t be making new investments but the parameters of the investments will be different than years ago.

Plan on having regular meetings, quarterly if possible, with your financial planner to ensure your cash management is aligned with your financial plan. These regular meetings will enable you to live by the successful retiree’s manta: Grow, Preserve, Protect, and Transfer your assets while enjoying them to the fullest. and health. Your salary of $100k-$200k allows you to do more than you realized once you are more or less debt free.

Helping you find the best solutions for your retirement years is where Hamilton Financial Planning comes into the scheme of things.

We fully understand clients have conflicting goals; for example being on that secluded island vs. traveling around the world for a few years. This is where our financial modeling enters the picture. We explain the positive and negative financial implications of each scenario and back it up with hard facts. Once you decide, we compile a flexible action plan to get you to what will be your new reality.
Hamilton Financial Planning, with offices in Austin and Houston, TX and Charleston, SC, is Fee-Only; this means you know in advance what your quarterly bill will be. We never charge a commission or sell you products so there are no hidden costs to surprise you. Every penny you earn from your investments made through Hamilton Financial Planning goes directly to you and allowing you to enjoy retirement to the maximum.
We understand your goals and dreams because we take the time to know you. While everyone has similar general parameters of needs, finding the optimum solutions is completely individual-centric. This is why Hamilton Financial Planning has a three-pronged approach: Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Wealth Building and Management. All three are inter-related and each relies on the other to work effectively.
Our process provides a structured fiduciary approach which allows for careful customization as your unique needs and situations dictate. Once both your personal Financial Plan for Retirement and customized Investment Management Plan for Retirement are in place, the natural segue is the continuation of Wealth accrual while negating negative tax implications.

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