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Hamilton Financial Planning (HFP) is a wealth management firm in Austin and Houston, Tx. We provide you with world-class options and opportunities to accomplish your financial plan. HFP uses Dimensional Funds Advisors (DFA) as our primary investment provider. DFA was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Austin, TX. Its founding Director, Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama, is known as the "father of modern finance." The principles of DFA are based on pure academic research and avoid the common pitfalls of other investment companies chasing fads, star fund managers, high costs, and tax inefficiencies.

DFA has identified several dimensions of profitability that have contributed to consistent success over time. The mutual funds offered by DFA are tilted based on academic research, which may lead to higher returns over time. We will design a custom portfolio that integrates your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals.

HFP is not chasing last year's hot segment, fad or region. We are long-term investors who believe in creating a solid asset allocation based on your risk tolerance, and then following that plan as the markets fluctuate. Solid and steady, long-term investors are more likely to achieve their goals than short-term, erratic, or fad-based approaches.

Working together, we can help make your financial goals a reality.

  • Wealth Management fees are included in the Financial Planning Retainer. No addition fees for our services will be charged.
  • The custodian will charge minor fees for transactions or services.
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