What We Do

Hamilton Financial Planning, located in Austin and Houston, TX and Charleston, SC, has one purpose. To enable our clients to steadily increase and protect their wealth in a smart way.

We do this by first working closely with you to develop your personal Financial Plan. Your Financial Plan incorporates your designated specific obligations and short and long-term goals.

Custom Investment Management
Using your Financial Plan as the base, we then create your customized Investment and Wealth Management Plan.

Your Investment Management Plan is the framework within which we invest funds and manage your portfolio. Your Investment Plan is agile, adaptable to your changing needs, helps shelter income, diversifies your portfolio as needed, and stays ahead of market trends. This results in the accumulation of funds from which we actively grow your Wealth Management portfolio.

The combination of both leads to a strictly disciplined wealth management process that sustainably and holistically increases your net worth and protects your assets.


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If you’re unsure if you have enough saved to retire; when you can afford to retire, or how much more wealth you need to build in order to retire, we should talk. HFP is offering a no obligation 30 minute planning session designed to provide you with a high-level view of your financial forecast to answer these key questions.

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